Stick Figure Family

Get to know your students at the beginning of the year by representing their families using this online generator. Easy to print and makes a great display.

Try it out here.

Gmail Undo Send

Undo send, will cancel an email sent seconds ago. This works well when the user:

  • accidentally sends an email to the wrong recipient
  • does not proof read and includes inaccurate content
  • regrets sending an email

Watch the video below to enable and use.

Being part of the WWW

Teaching children how to be a positive digital citizen in the World Wide Web (WWW) is key in the world they live in. What they post today, will ultimately affect their digital reputation as adults thus it is important to teach students how to participate positively online. Students in Year 5 and 6 embarked on an online journey creating a website called The Earth is a Wonderland. They learnt how to participate in the online world through posting content that reflected their digital footprint in a positive manner. The Earth is a Wonderland is aimed at a Year 5 -7 audience.

Students embedded a range of digital products (banners, infographs, videos and slideshows) to showcase their understandings and create an informative website for the WWW and neighbouring schools to view. Take a look below.

The Earth is a Wonderland - TSERLIN.COM