Master Badges designed by Students (Content Creators)

Students have taken to Badge.Academy and designed their own Master Badges. Joining the Unofficial Catalogue is YouTube and Google Drawings Master Badge. Students were inspired to create the badges as they felt that both badges were missing from the Badge Catalogue.

Badge.Academy have created a submissions page whereby students/teachers can submit a badge and the success criteria related to the badge. Once approved, the badge will be posted to the Unofficial Catalogue and the creator will receive the ultimate badge… Content Creator. #makerrevolution

Badge.Academy - Unofficial CatalogueThink you’ve got what it takes to be a YouTube/Google Drawings Master. Why not give it a go?




Google for Education Certified Innovator

I received this brilliant news on Friday. After working on my application for nearly two months; I have been accepted into the Google for Education Certified Innovator Program.

Google Innovation Academy here I come…

Google for Education Certified Innovator - Tser LIn Hetherton.png

Below is my vision: Launchpad – An Innovation to Support the Digital Needs of Today’s Teacher